Verona, city of Romeo and Juliet, is a sleeper destination for adventure tourists, an unexpected stop over on the way to somewhere else that might just make you re-think your itinerary. We found our way to a charming basement Airbnb in Verona after a long day of travel from Milan vis a vis the United States.

Verona Accommodations
This Airbnb was the perfect basecamp for exploring Verona.

Our host offered us bicycles and we quickly rode into the city center to commence our mission to eat as much Italian food as possible. Europe in December means Christmas markets, and it took us less than 6 hours on the continent to find one and start sipping Gluhwein during a late evening piazza stroll. The trip was conceived as a once in a lifetime ski adventure, but I would have been just as content to keep riding my bike around Verona for the next month. Gluhwein in hand, we found pizza.

Wood fired pizza at a Christmas market.

The bikes, despite their poor condition, really made our orientation to the city vastly easier. Free to ride at will and in a bicycle friendly country, we rode up into the hills surrounding the city center, encountering ancient looking walls and castles, and of course, some of the views for which Italian cities are so famous.

Cycling in Verona
Cambo carries his bike up an ancient walkway.



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