Thank you for visiting these pages, and I hope you enjoy my photos. I had a lot of pleasure in taking them and I hope that is visible in the end product. If you like my photos, I’d love to hear from you, or if you have comments about your own work or would like to share with me, please don’t hesitate to visit my contact page and get in touch.

I’m happy to share these galleries because they are the footprints of my life. I’m a New Mexican, and happily call that unique place home no matter where I’m living. Inspired by peers and heroes throughout my childhood, and especially influenced by my father, I discovered a wanderlust and penchant for adventure that I can’t shake, even now as I reach the middle parts of my life. My photos are that of a self taught hobbyist, but I do have a very strong passion for the art form. Though my photography is amateur, the images displayed here have not been come by easily, and as a result I’m proud of this work.

My hope is that the subjects of my photos are well-served by the way they are depicted. If I can compose something thoughtfully and with the proper intention, I think that is all that the art requires of me. I think my photos have soul; when I am looking through the lens, I’m happy and living in the present more thoroughly than with almost any other endeavor to which I devote myself. If my photos can provoke the same feeling in others, even briefly, then I’ve accomplished more than I could have ever hoped.

“The image needs to have soul. It needs to make me think and have meaning behind it. I also look at how images work together. It’s not just one perfect photograph that matters. Visual storytelling is different from making a single, “perfect” image. The images must work together to create an understanding of a place and culture.”

-Ami Vitale